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 Subject: G2 development Date: March 18, 2006 Time: 4:17 pm 
We are now featured in Gizmag. A web and print based magazine. It also mentions that G2, an evolution of G1, is currently under development with the idea of reducing weight and increasing accessibility for servicing. It may also address the many requests to be able to supply the car in kit form.

 Subject: Plans Date: March 17, 2006 Time: 2:28 pm 
For all those who have requested, or suggested, that we make plans available. Please let us outline where we are. As we have replied to most people who have asked, we are not looking at this as a possibility for good reasons. If we were to supply plans to build the cars as they are, we would need to supply huge amounts of data along with the plans. Furthermore, the cost of building an exact replica - unless you happen to own a large CNC mill - would be very large. The financial return from making plans available honestly isn't worth the time it would take to produce them or answer all the questions that would arise from them. To make G1 available as a production vehicle or kit we need to get down to a realistic production cost and we need to massively reduce our manufacturing costs. And that is where we are at with providing plans.

 Subject: Autocar article Date: March 15, 2006 Time: 5:43 pm 
In the March 15th 2006 edition of Autocar - English publication - we have a 4 page write up on the G1. It gives a fairly independent opinion of the G1 and has some previously unseen images. The article was written in 2005 and has taken a while to get to press. But it's a great article that will soon be available on the press page.

 Subject: Website update Date: December 30, 2005 Time: 3:25 am 
A site-wide update has been rolled out. We've implemented some new features and updated content. This rollout is currently incomplete, but we felt comfortable with what we had and thought it was time to "go live". We will be completing the updates within the next few days.